Máquina dispensadora e corte fitas/etiquetas (Têxteis/borrachas)

1 650,00 €

- Máquina dispensadora e corte automático de fita

- Comprimento de corte: 1 a 999999mm

- Largura: 1 a 95mm

- Corte a frio a e a quente até 350ºC

- Elevada precisão

- Velocidade: para cortes de 5cm efectua até 100 cortes por minuto




Computer Hot and Cold Cloth Belt Tape Cutting Machine Auto Magic Adhesive Tape Zipper Webbing Machine Elastic Cut Tools



Cutter:  Hot and cold knife

Power:  440W

Cutting width:  1 to 95mm

Cutting length:  1 to 99999mm

Blade maximum temperature: 350°C



Combined hot and cold use.

Automatic program with micro-computer control.

Higher quality heating tube to prolong the service time.

Delicate cutting effect for almost zero error.

Higher efficiency with quicker speed.

Grounded triple plug with inner fuse to ensure security.

The machine can be widely used to cut nylon tape, zipper, elastic tape, velcro, braid tape, trousers ear and other nylon material. Thus, this is kind of tape cutting machine is especially practical.



Please take care of your fingers when using the machine.