Solenoid Valve Magnetic DC 12V Water Air Inlet Flow Switch 1/4" quick access general 12v

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Material: Metal + plastic
Voltage:DC 12V
Product Usage:
   ①water solenoid valve and high pressure water pump connected in parallel on  the computer board.
   ② in the system of water or rinse, the water solenoid valve open at the same time high-pressure pump work; in standby, the water solenoid valve closed at the same time high-pressure pump  to stop.
   ③the role of the water solenoid valve is in the water or rinse, open the water, and in the standby or power off when the closure of water,it can work in the pure water machine and  not waste water.
Technical Parameters:
              Rated voltage: DC24V
              Coil resistance :37Ω ± 0.25Ω (at 20 ° C)
              Switch type :DC continuous type
              Working pressure: 0Mpa-0.8Mpa
              Medium temperature :1 ° -75 °
              Response time to open: ≤ 0.15s off ≤ 0.3s
              Electrical strength between the conductor and non-conductor should be able to withstand AC2500V voltage, 1min without breakdown and produce arcing and other phenomena
              Flow characteristics 0.02Mpa ≥ 3 L / min 0.1Mpa ≥ 12 L / min 0.8Mpa ≥ 35 L / min
              The number of coils is 2500 laps
              Life of 200,000 times (normal open)
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